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A Music Producer write, arrange, produce, and record songs, whether they’re shaping the sound of another artist’s album or creating beats or songs for their own projects.

A Music Producer find themselves pulling double or triple jobs.

With the growth of home recording technology and boutique recording studios, many Producers find themselves pulling double or triple duty as Studio Owners and Sound Engineers, as does Lancelot from Trinity Music House. He says, “I am answerable for every aspect of my business and it’s definitely not all rock ‘n’ roll glory. A typical day for me starts with checking my notes, prepping the studio and checking gear functionality. If something is broken, I’d rather have a fix or workaround figured out before anyone is in the space. Once the client shows up, I want my attention 100% on the Artist and the music creation process. Nothing else comes first. I usually work for about 6-10 hours with lots of ear and mental breaks worked in throughout the day. While on a break, I am usually attending to phone calls, emails, texts, social media and even accounting. There is a lot of work that goes into being a Producer outside of the studio such as attending rehearsals, meetings, writing sessions, and going out to shows. Social media has given me the ability to connect with more Artists than ever, but in-person interaction will never be replaced. Half of producing is the music, the rest is sales…and I am the product I push”

There’s no need to add your baggage, so keep your BS and ego at home

A Music Producer is organized, assertive, artistic and a great communicator. Someone who can lead the pack and rule with love, even when getting evil with some metal band. In the studio or rehearsals, artists look to you for answers, so you need to be thick-skinned and even-keeled. Artists bring enough drama, insecurity, and emotion into the sessions, there’s no need to add your baggage, so keep your BS and ego at home.

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